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What makes us #1?


All new Bad Boy mowers, and most Bad Boy accessories and parts purchased from Varner's come with a warranty of 2 or more years. And did we mention that we can get you anything that Bad Boy offers?...Even if we don't have it in stock! Some of our "big-name" competitors just can't do any of that. 

Not only can we sell you the latest Bad Boy Mower model, and suit it up with the implements and accessories you need to get the job done, but we can service your mower in our full-service garage.

Varner's is a family owned and operated business and, in our neck of the woods, many our customers are also our friends. That means we do right by the folks who do business with us! 


We're awesome. Come see for yourself!

Bad Boy Mower Line-Up

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Special Implements 

Available for Order

Bad Boy Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter

With industry leading standards and build quality second-to-none, the Bad Boy Rotary Cutter performs to the highest standards—and at a price that’s even tougher to beat. 

Available in 5 colors!

It's never been easier to own a Bad Boy Mower


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